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Welcome To Raja Madhusudan Dev Degree   College of Science & Education

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Raja Madhusudan Dev Degree College of Science and Education,Patia, Bhubaneswar, Established in 1993-94 stands for the empowerment of today's youth and continues to exercise a strong influence on the personal, social, cultural and economic upliftment of the life. We believe in infusing positive energy in generations to come and in taking affirmative actions towards making each of us independent and capable of living life on our own terms.
The place of education in our society is changing quite radically today, and with this change we believe in forging ahead, free from discrimination and prejudice. Raja Madhusudan Dev College envisions its students to become rightful participants in this democracy and towards creating new horizons for other not-so-fortunate men and women in our society. We always choose to emphasize on thinking and knowing and we believe in cultivating in our students a sense of curiosity and a passion for questioning.
Location Of College: 900 meters from Patia Big Bazar/ KIIT square of Jaydev Vihar-Nandan Kanan main road -towards- Patia Railway Station route (North Bhubaneswar)

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  • "I wish Great Success of our college in reconstruction of our great Nation. All we know Students' Power is Nation's Power and students are today's citizens not tomorrow's. Overdose of commercialisation of higher education virtually threw the poor meritorious students into the waste. But still there is a hope. Let's be optimistic... Talent comes from brain not from bag of money. Our college tries hard to prepare the available best to contribute the society...." Thanks a lot

    Sri P.K. Rout